UPDATE: School Restart Town Hall

School Restart Town Hall


Local 420 has strongly advocated for an open forum so that employees can ask questions and the district can receive direct input/suggestions from district employees concerning the reopening of our schools.  The purpose of this forum is that the voices of the people who actually do the work can be heard prior to final recommendations being made.  Dr. Adams has agreed to host a virtual town hall meeting where employees can real time “live chat” questions and make suggestions with respect to

the restarting of schools directly to him. 

Here are just a few suggested areas for you to ask questions, make suggestions and or voice concerns.

·        Employee wellness - attendance policy, stress, at risk health issues, social distancing etc.

·        Schooling structure - on-line, blended, site, large classes (Art, PE, Music), scheduling, lunch

·        Cleaning/sanitizing - environmental & personal (hand washing etc.)

·        Medical safeguards - both staff and students, including PPE

·        Technology needs

Dr. Adams Live Event – Virtual Town Hall Listening Session


DATE: Friday June 26, 2020


TIME: Portal will open up at 8:50am in preparation for a 9:00am prompt start.  




SLPS Restart School Task Force Update


Summer 2020 

by Ray Cummings 

Since its inception, the entire task force has met 5 times and individual committees have met 7 times for over 20 hours of total deliberations so far.  During those meetings a myriad of parameters affecting school reopening are being considered to recommend for implementation.

The charge of the task force is to study and then to make recommendations to the superintendent for restarting schools.  The superintendent will then use those task force recommendations as part of his considerations prior to presenting final recommendations to the school board.  The Board of Education will then make to final decisions concerning the restart of school for the 2020-2021 school year.

The task force is a diverse group of over 20 members.  The members include representatives from the administrators’ union, parents, district employees, board of education, community stakeholders, and of course AFT St. Louis, Local 420.    The group’s work is being accomplished through the following subcommittees: facilities, school operations, instruction, technology, wellness, and governance.  

Local 420 representatives on the task force are passionate advocates for the union’s two main goals for reopening our schools. First, to make sure that when our schools do reopen they are safe for students, staff, and the students’ families. Reopening in consultation with the St. Louis Department of Health, according to CDC guidelines and utilization of  national AFT’s Plan to Safely Reopen America’s Schools and Communities.  Our second goal is that our students will receive quality instruction which will result in successful outcomes for them and our community.

Local 420 continues to fight for an open forum so that the task force can receive direct input and suggestions from district employees, those people who actually do the work.  This type of forum could be accomplished by the hosting of a virtual town hall meeting where employees can call in and voice input and make suggest with respect to the restarting schools to the task force.  STAY TUNED!!!