Loan Forgiveness for AFT Members Only!!!

As word spreads that student debt relief for public service workers is actually within reach, the AFT is connecting with members to ensure they get on that path to discharging all their school loans. Along with student debt clinics and a tailored debt relief guide called Summer the union used an Oct. 26 Facebook live townhall to reach hundreds of members with details about how to take advantage of changing policy and get out from under student debt.

“Our goal is to make sure that everyone sees a zero balance in their student debt account,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten.

Welcome Back!

On behalf of the Executive Board of AFT St. Louis, Local 420, AFLCIO, 

Welcome Back to our St. Louis Public Schools family. 
- Ray Cummings, President 

Back To School - Safely 1 of 2

On the day of the Health/ Wellness Fair 75 COVID Vaccinations were administered to participatants aged 12-64 years old. 85 student immunizations were given. 
a total of 141 'jabs' administered.