2019-2020 Evaluation Process

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Mark all staff using the same performance rating from the 2018-2019 SY unless the following apply:

  1. 1st-year teachers with SLPS
  2. Performance Improvement Plan was completed as "Proficiency Not Met"
  3. Improvement Plan was NOT closed out (all PIP's will pick up where they left off once school is back in session)
  4. Instructional performance improved during the 19/20 SY according to documentation supported by building administration ( ex. Last year was Basic, this year is Proficient)
  5. If a principal has 2 short forms that show less than proficient please keep all documentation and supporting artifact data. However, the teacher will be marked as proficient due to not having a performance improvement plan implemented. 


Ratings used from the 19/20 SY will not need a summative evaluation completed- ONLY THE STAFF THAT FALL IN THE CRITERIA ABOVE (a-d)