A Note From Ray Cummings on Behalf of AFT St. Louis

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Subject: End of Year News

 A Note From AFT St. Louis, Local 420, AFLCIO

May 20, 2020


I sincerely hope you, your friends and family are staying well and safe during these extraordinary times and I thank you for your membership. I also thank our colleagues at AFT national and our 1.7 million members (including locals representing health care workers).


We mourn the more than 100 AFT members including members from 420, who have passed due to the pandemic. AFT has provided more than a million pieces of protective gear for front-line health care workers and helped UFCW secure protective gear for their members working in meat packing and grocery stores.


Here in St. Louis, I am proud to report that over the past several months for the first time in the last two (2) years, the membership numbers of Local 420 are steadily increasing. These increased numbers appear to be the direct result of a renewal of confidence in our union which for over 80 years has protected the rights, as well as, improved the working conditions of its members. Even in the face of the present uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Local 420 continues to be that rock of stability that members can count on to help them weather this storm. From advocating for the safety first approach by supporting stay in place orders to protecting the financial well being of our members by keeping everyone working and receiving a paycheck.


We owe thanks to the following members of our executive board for their unity and service during these trying times:

     Roslyn McSpadden, Secretary, rmcspadden@stltu.org

     Paulette McKinney, Treasurer, pmckinney@stltu.org

     Steven Hill, Vice President for Policy Enforcement, shill@stltu.org

     Miriam Townsend, Vice President for Communications,  mtownsend@stltu.org

     Sydney Chase, Vice President for Professional Issues,  schase@stltu.org

     Kelly Hahn, Vice President for Certificated Employees, khahn@stltu.org

     Audrey Worth, Vice President for  Leadership Development, aworth@stltu.org

     Scharad Hutchins, Vice President for Membership, shutchins@stltu.org

     Carron Johnson, Vice President for Paraprofessionals, cjohnson@stltu.org

     Bobbie J. Richardson,  Vice-President for Secretarial/Clerical, brichardson@stltu.org

     Gina Brown-Hall, Chapter Chair for Secretarial/Clerical, gbhall@stltu.org

     Harvey Cloyd, Retiree Liaison, hcloyd@stltu.org

     Pat Laughlin, Retiree Chairperson, plaughlin@stltu.org


As we close out the 2019-2020 school year while looking forward to the future, this correspondence is intended to inform and answer the most frequently asked questions that our members have expressed concerns about.  Attached is this cover letter and those topics of concern.



Ray Cummings

First Vice President