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#1. COVID-19 Prevention

Top 3 Defenses that we all must use to Protect ourselves from COVID-19. 
1. Educate Yourself - if you understand how the infection is transmitted , you will become aware of how your routine behavior must change in order to decrease chances of infection.
2. Practice basic hygiene behaviors -  frequent hand washing, couching and sneezing into the inner elbow or into a tissue and the like.
3. Practice Social Distancing - maintain 3 feet to 6 feet distance between yourself  and others. This is why it is not suggested to gather in groups of over 10 people.  To those who are still romantically inclined, NO KISSING!!!
Stay safe and use this information to protect yourself. 
Ray Cummings
1st. Vice President
#2 COVID-19, "How Long will It Last?"
Words For Today:
"Continue to Protect Yourself and Stay Safe!"
If history is any teacher, then this threat may last from 8 to 12 weeks.  The link below provides the background that was used to make this estimate.
Let this be a time for all to reflect on those things which are truly important like the blessings of our family and Love ones. 
Use this time wisely call your family members and friends, tell them how much you care about them.  Social Distancing does not have to mean social isolation.  Together We Shall Overcome!
GOD bless Us All!

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