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Important Message for Union Activists Regarding District Closure & Compensation

AFT St. Louis, 
Local 420, AFLCIO
To: All Building Stewards
From: Ray
During St. Louis Public Schools district closure and the ongoing medical crisis our union has continued to represent you. We are pleased to announce that AFT St. Louis and SLPS have worked together to develop and implement continued compensation for employees. Our negotiated plan has been approved by the City of St. Louis Board of Education. From March 23 to April 3 employees will continue to receive normal compensation according to their payroll calendar. This includes permanent exempt, permanent non-exempt and building substitute teachers. The central office is closed to the public.
We will continue to work collaboratively with St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent Dr.Kelvin Adams, the St. Louis Board of Education, and the Health Department for the good of students, our employees and the St.Louis community.
As Local 420 and SLPS continue to follow
CDC guidelines to slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) we encourage our members to stay strong and reach out via telephone and social media to colleagues, friends and family. On a national and local level our union continues to represent our collective best interests. I sincerely thank you for your union leadership, your faith and your membership. We are better together. 
Ray Cummings
for AFT St. Louis, Local 420, AFLCIO
 Saint Louis Public Schools / Homepage

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