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Checking on the safety of our students, without bus transportation, on the first day of school.


Your union will be part of the accountabilty team. We will be sure all 60 schools will benefit from this bond! Thank you for standing in solidairty with SLPS, Local 420, staff and students. We love and appreciate you all!


St. Louis Public Schools and Local 420 is requests that the voter's on August 2nd approve Prop S, a 160 Million dollar NO-TAX Bond Issue. If passed there will not be any increase in taxes.

Prop S stands for Students, Schools & Safety.  Funding from this bond issue will support facilities acquisition, construction, improvements, renovations, furnishing and upgrades across all 60 district schools and six facilities. In addition, funding will support paying for ADA accommodations (elevators, wheelchair lifts), playgrounds and athletic facilities. Also funding will pay for the removal of lead paint