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On behalf of the Executive Board of AFT St. Louis, Local 420, AFLCIO, 

Welcome Back to our St. Louis Public Schools family. 
- Ray Cummings, President 


On the day of the Health/ Wellness Fair 75 COVID Vaccinations were administered to participatants aged 12-64 years old. 85 student immunizations were given. 
a total of 141 'jabs' administered. 


More than 3,500 calls made to parents. 606 RSVPs in addition 270 contacts with community partners were made. AFT President Randi Weingarten keynoted the event. More than 40 AFT volunteers helped make this a very successful event. 


Good morning to everyone attending. I wish I could be with you here today, but due to my

exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, I am taking precautions and staying

home and getting tested, per CDC guidelines.

Schools are more than just buildings - they are anchors of our neighborhoods and communities.

That’s clear from today’s Back-To-School celebration, where the community is coming together

to protect each other with COVID-19 vaccinations and other immunizations.

Vaccination is key. Making sure all of us get vaccinated is key to ensuring healthy and safe

school environments for our