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Commentary: Reshaping St. Louis Public Schools 
Ray Cummings of 
By Ray Cummings
Jul 23, 2021 
Updated 2 hours ago
Students, educators and parents are anxious to move on from the stormy, challenging year we just experienced and prepare for a new school year, one in which all kids are welcomed back to their brick-and-mortar school buildings, learn and play together, and feel confident that they are safe, secure and getting the education they need to

Out in the streets making sure our students and families are aware of what’s going on! It’s time to get our students safely back in the building for learning! We miss our families and are excited about our next chapter!!    #AFT #PublicSchoolProud  #AFTSt.Louis #FreedomToThrive #SLPS  #SAFESTARTSLPS


Back To School Safely 
AFT phone banking at SLPS HQ



St. Louis Public Schools district formalizes Memorandum of Understanding with union representing city teachers and support personnel. 
The agreement provides significant raises, protects benefits (including substitute teachers) and raise all workers to a minimum of $15. 
Front row L to R: Ray Cummings-President AFT St. Louis, Local 420, Dr. Joyce Roberts-President, SLPS, BOE. 
Back row L. to R.: Steve Hill, 1st. Vice President, AFT St. Louis, Donna Jones, VIce President,SLPS,  BOE.
Recognizing the negotiations team and district for reaching agreement during unprecedentedly difficult times.


AFT Local 420 celebration of Juneteenth with  Mayor Jones & CBTU at the Urban League. Unions & Allies from throughout Metro area took part in Beautification effort.

The First Juneteenth National Holiday. 
Ms. Rhea Willis (Building Rep at Sumner) is at Carver Elementary for Summer School Ms.  Rhea’s class collaborated with another class to  Celebrate Juneteenth today. The Sumner school leader made it a school wide celebration. The teachers  pictured are Ms. Rhea, Mr Anthony, &  Mr Steward. 
An Historic Day for the nation and SLPS.